Collection and Skip Tracing

Verified Data, No Hit No Fee – Batch

•Bank Account
TCB’s bank account search offers the most accurate data available on a consumer’s current banking account. It has an average 10%–20% hit rate and 98% accuracy. The bank account search is valuable when you need to locate a borrower’s assets in case of default. We offer a three month guarantee on this product.

•Employment Locate
The Employment Locate product has hit rates between 5%–10% and accuracy of over 95%. We offer a three month guarantee on this product.

Brokerage Search
A comprehensive search that returns guaranteed results or there is no charge. Hit rates are as high as 20%.
This product will offer our clients with high balance collections the ability to search for more high-end and valuable assets such as:

• Hidden bank accounts (outside the scope of our standard bank account search)
• Nationwide brokerage investment accounts including stocks, bonds and mutual funds
• 401k’s
• Money market accounts
• Certificates of deposit
• Identify liens, bankruptcies, judgments

Address Locate
This product provide the address for repossessors and servicers at no hit no fee basis.

Non Verified Pay per Searches (Batch and online)
•Property Search and Property Ownership
Our customers can search property ownership by an individual’s name or performing a reverse property search to find the owner or seller of an address.
The data you will receive are as follows:

• Deeds up to the current month
• Assessor’s records from previous years
• State and local public records

The Property Ownership report will provide the following information:

• Owner’s name and address
• Parcel Number
• Mortgage term, title company, lender’s name
• Seller, sales amount, sales date, assessed value, tax year, square feet, land usage

Motor Vehicle:
The Motor Vehicle Search provides applicant’s information with a comprehensive data directory that pulls from state DMV databases and other government agencies. Not all states are covered. Call our customer care line to find out. 800-518-1077 Ext: 6

Bankruptcy and Deceased Records
You can search the bankruptcy records of an individual, liens, and judgments. This report is beneficial when determining the bankruptcy estate, claims, discharges, unscheduled debts, and overall equity. You might find collectable assets if they have not been included in the bankruptcy which you can collect from.

Phone and Address Updates
This search will provide the best address for repossession of an automobile or serving a debtor. This search uses the credit bureau databases. It is cost beneficial, simple and up-to-date. This is a great address finder in case the social security is not available. The consumer’s name and address is needed.

•SSN, DOB and Identity Information
Identity fraud continues to be a national concern along with a growing industry. It is of utmost important to verify the consumer that is trying to do business with you. Use our host of authentication products to prevent fraud.

Comprehensive Relatives, Associates and Unverified Addresses Reports
These searches are an address verification report that effectively pinpoint the proper address for the debtor. They provide an in-depth analysis of the neighbors, relatives and associates.

•People Finder and Enhanced People Search
Locate individuals and retrieve their name, age, date of birth, social security number, current address, type of address, previous address, current phone numbers, and type of phone, whether it’s a landline or wireless number.

UCC Filings
When an applicant pledges collateral on a loan, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings provide information about whether anyone else has filed a claim against the same collateral. The information provided is as follows:

•Debtor name and address
•Filing original date, state and number
•Document number
•Legal type
•Secured party’s name and address

Employment Background Check and Tenant Screening

Provide protection for your company and avoid costly risk by performing employment, tenant screening and background checks and discover serious and disqualifying information which is not often volunteered by a prospective employee, contractor, volunteer or tenant.

•Credit Reports for Tenant Screening
Better decisions are always made by running a credit report on potential tenants. It provides the extent of the debt and whether they are paying their bills on time. This is especially true with utility bills, which are often reported on credit reports as collections for utility companies. Moreover, they are a good indicator of whether tenants are delinquent on their rent.

Employment Credit Report
The Employment Credit Report does not include scores or account numbers, and an Employment Credit Report inquiry does not affect an applicant’s credit score.
Employers can use the Employment Credit report to verify that a potential employee is responsible and reliable or to confirm an applicant’s identity. The credit report can be used to determine if the person can manage his or her financial affairs or if the applicant’s monthly debt payments are too high for the salary they are receiving.
•Employment Verification
Valuable insight into an individual’s employment history is provided through this verification product. The information is returned as follows:

Company Name
Start Date
End Date

Education Verification
TCB offers Education Verification that provides insights into an individual’s education and qualifications. We contact all higher education institutions requested and verify degree(s) obtained, dates attended and transcript information.

Information returned is as follows:

Start Date
End Date
We also accommodate customized questions.

Professional License Verification
Use this product to search licensing agencies across the United States, architects, accountant, tax preparers, contractors, engineers, physicians, dentists, attorneys, etc. We provide quick and thorough verification of professional licenses.

The information it provides is:

License/Registration No.
Date of Licensure
Date of Expiration
Additional Qualifications

•National Criminal Searches
Our thorough criminal report history provides information including felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, convictions, traffic violations, and incarcerations.

•State Criminal Reports
This search is a cost-effective search that instantly provides felonies, misdemeanors and incarcerations.

•Criminal Sex Offender Search
This search is a national and it provides information on currently registered sex offenders with felony conviction records.

•Rapsheet Criminal Search
This search is the most comprehensive online criminal database of all of our criminal search products. It is comprised of data from court records, and departments of correction and law enforcement agencies.

•Manual Criminal Records

1-County Felony and Misdemeanor report is a seven year countywide felony and misdemeanor report. This product is designed to provide a more comprehensive misdemeanor search. It provides data about any changes filed, disposition date, charge level, sentencing information, final disposition, and any verifiers listed on file.
2-County Felony Search provides a complete countywide felony search for any given county and conveniently includes any misdemeanors listed within that same county’s records for a single search fee.
3- Manual State Search is a seven year manual state search. It is designed to provide a complete manual state search for a selected state. For a single search fee, it yields any misdemeanor listed within that same state’s records.

Eviction Searches and Reports
Critical information about prospective tenants are revealed when you run this report. It also proves very useful in credit collections and pre-employment screening. The Eviction Search instantly searches the credit bureau’s databases and public records for eviction fillings. You will instantly have access to 40 million records compiled from all 50 states through our website and get direct matches for your applicant.

Eviction, Liens and Judgment Reports
This product is a great secondary eviction report when you have a difficult time finding financial history for an applicant. This product searches public records nationally from eviction to civil suits filing. Civil matters are usually a good indication of credit status.

Information you will get is as follows:

Case Number
Satisfied Date
Initial Filing Date
Judgment Date
Judgment Amount
Defendant 1 and 2 Name, SSN, Address, Alias

Motor Vehicle Driver’s Records
The Motor Vehicle Search will provide driver’s motor vehicle records such as their registration data and lien information from the DMV.

The information you will receive is as follows:

Date of Birth
Tag Number
Driver’s License Number
Liens and Lien Type
Vehicle Year, Make, Body, Color, Type, Odometer
Registration Expiration
Title Issue Date
Title Status

Not all states are covered. For coverage, please call our customer care 800-518-1077 and press Option 6

MVR Records Report
Your can check the driving record of current and potential employees by using TCB’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records. Searching the DMV is an effective way to gather reliable information which may relate to areas of public safety, human resources and many others. This product will allow you to search DMV records online to identify driving violations before that person drives for your company. All 50 states are covered by this search.

What information will be returned?

Name, Address, County
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Sex, Race
Expiration Date
Issue Date
License Class
License Status
License Type
Hair Color
Eye Color
License Number

License Verification
This product searches a database of more than 20 million public and proprietary records to instantly verify identity based on based DL information and possibly fraudulent identities. The Driver’s License Verification product offers the following:

1- Full Cost Recovery by automatically capturing the consumer data
2- Simplicity and ease of use
3- This product can be used in any face-to-face transaction that requires you to verify identity

What information is returned?

The zip code matches the state
The last name matches the address
The social security number matches the first and last name
The social security number is not listed as deceased
Opting for subject to meet specified age requirements.
Merged 3-in-one Credit Reports

Tri-merged Credit Report
This product produces a comprehensive tri-merged credit report from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian credit repositories. Expanding trade lines will give you detailed data from each report to make better decisions. Each credit report can be integrated with Loan Origination Software. We have online tools designed to automate many reporting and compliance requirements including Red Flag, OFAC, fraud detection and prevention, FCRA and FACTA compliance.

•Rapid Rescore and Credit Rescoring

Rescore any file without documentation and without having to pull a new tri-merged report. Therefore, you will avoid unnecessary hard inquiries.
The average score increase is 20+ points. No other credit reporting agency or credit repair company has our experience or expertise to make credit-challenged borrowers your satisfied clients.


This program is the most powerful automated credit score analysis tool ever created. Determine instantly the exact steps to take to improve your borrower’s credit scores, and know what the credit score change will be before re-scoring any file.

CreditXpert instantly creates an action plan for credit score improvement that you can provide directly to your borrowers- Clearly defining the steps to take to achieve the credit score needed.

•Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
An automated appraisal complete with comp valuations is delivered to your desktop instantly. A wide variety of highly exact programs are available through Freddie Mac, and Fiserv, Inc.’s Case Shiller Weiss. These are the same AVM solutions chosen by 20 of the nation’s leading banks to deliver fast, statistically accurate home valuations.

•Flood Zone Determination
Basic and Life of Loan Flood zone determinations are a click away. Order and delivery is completely integrated in our system. This product is delivered immediately from anywhere via the internet including the new CertMap image that produces satellite imagery of the property and special flood hazard areas.