Mortgage Credit Reports

Beanie familyMortgage Credit Report utilizes the latest technology to provide your choice of infiles and tri merge reports in seconds, delivered right to your browser without the hassle of installing or learning any software. Each credit report is easy to read, fully merged, de–duped and can be customized to your preferred layout.

Credit Report Highlights:

Select from any or all of the three national repositories, (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax) to obtain your FICO credit scores. All reports can be analyzed through our built in Credit Analyzer tools. Order a single infile to prequalify your borrower. Afterwards, add the additional bureaus to create a trimerge report in a matter of seconds. Register Now!

Easy to Read Credit Reports, Designed to Maximize Rescoring Opportunities Customized credit report layouts allow you to view the credit data in any format you prefer. All creditor addresses and phone numbers are included at no cost. Our proprietary systems give you a competitive advantage on every application.

Free Single Bureau Reports are free when upgrading into any tri–merge credit report.

Unmerge Technology allows you to add or remove any borrower, spouse or specific bureau with a single mouse click at no cost. No need to re–run the whole file just to add or drop an applicant or spouse.

Easy LOS / AUS

No more manual entering of data! With, you can easily order credit through your LOS system. Pull credit from anywhere you have access to the Internet and easily import your credit report and liabilities. There’s no software to install or learn. If you can surf the net, you can order your credit reports in seconds.

Instant Mortgage Only Report

One click and you’ve got a report containing only your credit score and the mortgage reference, great for streamline refinances — best of all it’s free.

Credit Reports Are Interactive

You can quickly view the data behind each tradeline to see exactly what appears on each repository. This is critical when dealing with errors on a file and for determining the best credit rescoring options.

Update Any Tradeline with a Click of Your Mouse

Tradeline updates can be ordered by simply clicking on any tradeline while viewing the report online, or if you prefer — you can always call us toll–free, or fax across any documentation. The status of all requests is updated in real–time.


RMCR provides a complete credit report including a public report search for the previous seven years. In addition, you get two or three merged credit reports from Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. RMCR offers personal interviews with borrowers as well as employment screening and verification of residency.

Industry Standards

Our reports are certified to meet or exceed all standards established by HUD, FHA, VA, FMHA, FNHA, FNMA and FHLMC. The report includes manually verified name, address, and employment history when available, plus public record, tradeline and inquiry information. Risk scoring models from the national bureaus are also included. Tri-merged and In-file delivery of the reports have never been faster.

Quick Appraisals/AVMs is the market leader in offering Automated Valuation Models (AVM) for accurate, fast value estimates and predictive collateral scores for residential properties across the U.S.

You get the best value for your money. For each search you order, we look at three different large AVM databases. After evaluating and scoring them, we provide you the best.

Our customers use AVMs for automated underwriting and origination, collateral scoring, appraisal QC, loss mitigation, portfolio valuations, marketing programs and more. AVMs are supported directly by a world-class team of experts in AVM implementation, real estate research, loan markets, data operations, statistics and information technology experts.

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